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“ Mettle “ energy bars are anytime healthy pocket size snack from Swasthum Wellness Pvt. Ltd which is known for its healthy and nutritious products. Mettle energy bars are filled with the crunchiness of granola, grain crisps along with the benefits of supernatural fruits, nuts and seeds for a better and healthy solution for your short meals and hunger pangs.
NO ADDED SUGARS, NO CHOLOESTROL, HIGH FIBER with high nutritional quality not only make it healthy for all ages may it be men, women or children but also for gym going person. It provides you with high energy which is nutrient filled and is very easy to digest.
Now you don’t have to worry for snack time, mettle bars are here for you- easy to carry and great on taste. Grab one for you, have a healthy snack bite and boost your energy, which you need to start of your day.
“Want A Healthy Bite, Mettle Energy Bar Is Right For You, Go Grab It.!!!”

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Shweta Bhatnagar

Very good product, full of nut and seeds, very good taste, recommended to all

Gaurav Sinha

Full of Energy along with good amount of fibre, excellent product.

Mayur Jain

Very nice and yummy product, just loved it.